Into Ecuador

I have spent a lot of time on field biology projects; most relevant are the three-month season I spent in the Bahamas helping with parrot research, the five months I spent in Equatorial Guinea working on sea turtle research and five months I spent in Madagascar working on a reforestation effort. As I’ve spent time travelling in wild places and having a Hell of a lot of fun in the jungle, I’ve decided I want to share more not just for my own ego but to hopefully inspire others to care. Our planet is a gorgeous one and a little understanding and compassion can make things better. So recently, my girl friend, Erin and I were offered a position managing a private nature reserve near Mindo Ecuador. Of course we jumped at the chance. A lot of our work is going to involve monitoring hummingbirds and the Andean Cock of the Rock. Also, trail and cabin maintenance, helping tourists, etc. all in Ecuador’s beautiful and superbly biodiverse cloud forest! So, I will be putting up pics, video and blogs about the experience and hopefully I’ll also be able to put some stuff up from my past travels and articles I’m writing for other sites. (I’m a writer for mongabay and have been freelancing a bit elsewhere). I’m also in discussion now with a publisher about writing about the Amazon at a jungle lodge in Ecuador and if that goes well, writing a guidebook on the Amazon on contract. So hopefully lots of exciting new content to come!


  1. Zach, I’m excited to follow your experiences through this blog. Thanks for inviting me along! I’ve found daily comfort-writing helps loosen you up for detailed writing, so know that every time you write me, I’ll expect 10% of your earnings to be deposited in my Swiss account. You’re welcome.
    – Dominic


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