Baboons Sexually harass local women

You probably haven’t read the news but in a small community in Kenya, women have been feeling threatened by baboons and monkeys from the Aberdare National Park, which they claim are harassing them.  At first this story sounds fantastical and strange, or exaggerated.  I do know that some baboons and monkeys can definitely be intimidating, but this story is important because it highlights the increasing issue of clashes between humans and wildlife.  This isn’t just a clash happening in the tropics but worldwide.  Another example is when a man recently filmed an American Bison ramming his car; you can see that here.  These may seem like unconnected novelties and honestly, humans have always had conflict with wildlife; however it’s also an indication of the increasing pressure we’re putting on wildlife populations.  With the case of the monkey’s it also reminds us that we’re just one species on the planet and we sometimes need to accommodate wild animals, even if they seem threatening because, ultimately we can afford to be the bigger species.  You can read the original news story here.

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