Mt. Garfield

My lovely girl friend Erin and I hiked Mt. Garfield last weekend.  It’s a classic Grand Valley hike.  Named after President James Garfield by Captain James Gunnison, a year after the president’s assassination.

The so called mountain is really a high point on the book cliffs overlooking the town of Palisade and beyond.  It’s only a two mile hike one way but the elevation gain of about 2,000 feet makes it considerably more challenging than most hikes of that length.  It’s a good hike (or run) to do regularly to keep in shape and a great view from the top.  The trail however is usually crowded and extremely hot with little shelter in the summer.  I’ve seen wild horses on the hike once and there are often signs of them but encountering them is rare.  I would recommend the hike but keep in mind, it’s not far off the highway and is very popular.


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