Rocky Mountain National Park

After Silverthorne, Erin and I continued on our travels to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite national parks.  With Zari along we couldn’t really go hiking as the trails are closed to dogs but we did enjoy some camping and we were mostly taking a scenic route through the park on our way north and east.  Immediately inside the park we saw a large elk herd in a meadow near the road, including a mother elk with her young baby.  We also saw moose that first day and early the next morning watched spellbound as elk and moose roamed through the campground, past campers, sniffing tents and grazing with no fear.  The drive up through the snow covered tundra was also incredibly beautiful.  I’ve seen Mountain Goats at high elevation in the park before but I think it was too cold when we passed through.

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