The Cloud Forest at Night

The cloud forest at night is a mysterious place full of haunting owl calls, glimpses of nightjars and the sparkling of fireflies and bioluminescent beetles.  We´ve been out a couple of times at night here at Las Tangaras and always been richly rewarded in animal life sightings.  Sometimes it´s a swarm of army ants moving their colony to a new home, sometimes it´s a frog, an arachnid, a bird or even a mammal.  Here are a few of my favorite pics.

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  1. Hi Zach & Erin,
    It looks & sounds like you are experiencing life that very few of us ever get to know, firsthand. Would really be nice to visit you, but I am also trying to find employment in Kwajalein. There are many restrictions, as the atoll is leased by the military. I won’t be leaving in July, but I do hope to arrive before the end of this yr. Airfare is outrageous, I don’t qualify as a mechanic, plumber, electrician, welder, etc., but I am pursuing a job as a “WalMart” greeter. Welcome to Kwajalein!


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