Trix/Murray Rex

Since January, I’ve been working at Black Hills Institute of Geological Research in Hill City, South Dakota.  For a large part of that time we were working on preparing, restoring and mounting an original T. Rex skeleton bound for Naturalis Biodiversity Center, a national museum of Holland.  I haven’t been able to blog about this project until recently, but now the exhibit is open in Holland.  It’s been a thrilling experience to work on this T. Rex, the first mounted with an original skull and a beautiful fossil.  Below is a picture of “Trix” AKA “Murray Rex” almost complete in our shop.  The name Trix is named after Dutch royalty, the name Murray is after the ranchers who owned the land where the rex came from and was the name we used around the lab until Naturalis picked an official name.  This T. Rex is almost certainly a female.  You can guess at the sex of Trix from the size of the rib cage, which is so robust for laying eggs.

Trix, the T. Rex in Hill City, SD
Trix, the T. Rex in Hill City, SD


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