Not a photo but a painting by Loren Eakins for this Friday

I met Loren a few years back in an entomology class and right away I knew he was an interesting guy.  I remember despite being in a science class he had aspirations of being a professional natural history artist and looking at his work, one cannot help be impressed.  Since that class he’s finished a degree in biology and travelled a bit.  Loren spent a year at Yanayacu Biological Station & Center for Creative Studies in Ecuador’s cloud forest.  While in Ecuador Loren also climbed some impressive mountains including Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Sumaco.  He’s also done a description illustration for a new species of plant and done work surveying rare plants and raptors.  Right now Loren is somewhere at sea in Alaska working as a fisheries observer.  Loren is a great mix of outdoor adventurer, scientist and artist.  I’m posting a painting he did of a Golofa Beetle, a genus of rhinoceros beetle.  Enjoy!  To see more of Loren’s work visit his portfolio website or facebook page.


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