‘The Anthills’ AKA Mt.(s) Gray’s & Torrey’s

Zari on top of Torrey’s

The local Native Americans referred to the mountains as the Anthills and local prospectors simply called them the twin peaks but since 1872, they’ve been officially known as Gray’s and Torrey’s named for Botanists who published The Flora of North America in 1838.  Asa Gray in particular is famous as a professor at Harvard.

All of us on Torrey’s 14,275′

For Erin, Zari and I, these are simply the 6th and 7th of Colorado’s 14ers that we’ve hiked together.  These are also the first mountains we’ve hiked this year in the Front Range and the closest we’ve been so far to Denver.  Not only that but this is the first time Erin has hiked two 14ers in a day (by simply crossing the saddle between the two).  Next week we pick Erin’s mom up at Denver International Airport (DIA) and will spend a week in and around Rocky Mountain National Park, where we hope to see stunning views and a lot of wildlife…

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