Forest Dog

Birdy on a backpacking trip just he and I went on in the North Dakota Badlands, near Medora and Theodore Roosevelt National Park   

It was a year ago today that Erin and I committed to our dog Birdy.  When we first met him, Birdy was living with a loose pack of dogs in a landscape of forests and agricultural land around Lake Arareco in the Copper Canyon region of Chihuahua Mexico.  Today we brought him to his first vet appointment, where he was bathed for mange and given dewormer.  He was a scrawny little guy with patches of very thin fur from the mange but we knew already he was going to be extremely handsome.

Since that time, Birdy’s been on backpacking and camping trips with us in Mexico, Colorado, North Dakota and Arizona.  He’s a bit of a handful sometimes with high energy levels and a need to be kept occupied but he’s a great addition to our family!

Birdy when he was still new to us and getting used to the van.  

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