Something Important

I’ve been back from my trip through the wetlands of the Southeast for a bit less than a week. I’d love to write about that experience. I’d love to talk about my time helping with alligator research in South Carolina, or my canoe trip through Okefenokee or about seeing a Florida Panther cross the road in Big Cypress.

Unfortunately, there are more important things to consider. I’m sure you, my fellow Americans, have been following the same contest I’ve been following.

If you’re a Trump supporter, even if you’re my family member or ‘friend’ who supports Trump, I’d like to say something unequivocal, GO TO HELL. Yes, this does mean you.

Trump has lead our nation in empowering the hate filled, the greedy, the bigots and the selfish. He’s done his best to sell out the planet to line the pockets of his own people. Trump has suppressed minorities continuously and given no fair aid to them when needed (think Puerto Rico for starters). There’s plenty of evidence that Trump is one of the most corrupt presidents in US history.

Trump also isn’t happy with just that. He wants more power to oppress, to steal, to suck the life out of everything and everyone his narrow mind can’t understand. Trump wants to be a dictator. Pure and simple, he says it so many times that it becomes easy to ignore. Trump wants to steal the election. He’s demanded repeatedly that legal counting of votes be stopped. Donald Trump Jr. has floated the idea of getting republican governors to erroneously give their electoral votes to Trump, popular vote be damned. Other legal challenges are likely to prolong an official decision until December. We must demand that a fair election is held and every vote is counted. I will be watching Doug Ducey closely. So far, he’s defended Arizona’s legal election process but that could change. He’s grown steadily friendlier with Trump. Watch your governors if you’re in a swing state, make sure things are fair. If Trump wins a fair election, we must concede. It also means too many Americans support hate, greed and ignorance but that’s clear already.


  1. The 1st Amendment gives the right of free speech, so I will add my 2 cents. The 2 party system sucks. It comes down to choosing the lesser of 2 evils, & we, the people, who don’t have ties to Washington are screwed. All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others. Those who make the rules don’t live by them. What’s up with that? We have become a divided nation – rich/poor, Repub/Dem, black/white, etc. Whatever happened to Utopia? Let’s join hands, feast & drink together, work together. In the words of Bobby McFerrin: Don’t worry, be happy. Love you too, Zach.

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    1. Carol, I agree that we’re too divided and that the two party system sucks. That said, Trump has gone well above and beyond his political party to espouse hate and division. I’d love to not worry and be happy but I also feel in a time like this, that means a bit of complacency I don’t feel we can afford. Did you vote for Trump?


  2. hey zach jamie here.for what its worth i told your dad several yrs ago biden was who we needed. it saddens me that so many people in this country can be so ignorant but i know if theres a god watching theres simply to many points in bidens favor and all trump can do is camplain instead of putting on his big boy pants. have a good one.jamie.

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