Secretary of the Interior

We may be standing on the cusp of something historic. There are reports that Biden is considering representative Deb Haaland of New Mexico for secretary of the Interior. If he chooses her, she would become the first indigenous Secretary of the Interior, a position presiding over public lands stolen from Native Americans as well as many other issues important to indigenous people. Arizona’s own Raúl Grijalva was endorsed by the Congressional Hispanic Congress for the position (I think he’d also be an excellent choice) but threw his support behind Haaland, asking CHC to back her as well. If you think it’s about time for a Native American Secretary of the Interior (as I do) sign this petition.

Hopefully this will only be part of a diverse and progressive cabinet for Biden, pointing a way to making America a more equitable place for all oppressed people…Only time will tell.

I promise I’ll write about my adventures in the Southeast soon.

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