Articles and other work

Here’s some of my published writing on other sites.

Vazaha is Malagasy for ‘Gringo’ An article about my time in Madagascar and issues with conservation and neocolonialism

Drill Baby Drill An article about my time in Equatorial Guinea and their Drill Monkeys

Parrots of the Caribbean An article about my time working with Cuban Amazons in the Bahamas

The Poacher A short story I wrote fictionalizing some of my time in Africa but loosely based around actual events

Caves: Breeding Grounds for the Strangest Creatures An article I wrote for Bug Club kids magazine, springing from my experience on a few cave biology expeditions in Arizona and Colorado

The Hawaiian Silversword An article I wrote on assignment as an intern at

Crazy Cat Numbers An article I wrote on Jaguars as an intern at

Lost Worlds Restored An article about fossil casting in Tasmania I wrote for Tasmanian Geographic

Alaska Magazine  I published an essay in Alaska Magazine’s September 2015 issue titled, The Birds of Middleton Island.  Unfortunately it’s unavailable online.

Nature An essay I wrote about the nature of exploration, focusing on my experience exploring caves.  I have another essay pending publication on

Life in a Van – I wrote a piece, (illustrated largely by Erin’s photography) for The Desert Leaf, a local Tucson AZ magazine. The article is about traveling and living in a van as Erin and I did for about a year and a half.  Stay tuned, I’m working on another piece for them about commercial paleontology and the Tucson Fossil & Gem show.

In The Borderlands – This is an article I wrote for The Bark, a dog magazine. The piece is about respecting wildness in dogs and is also related to the experience Erin and I had with free roaming dogs while co-managing a nature reserve in Ecuador.  I’m now a regular contributor to where I write about nature, the outdoors and environmentalism.


  1. Dear Zach, can you e-mail me ? Can we talk a few words about Jaguar cats ? Have a few questions about avoidance and friendship between human and the Amazon cats

    Thank you for friendly replying, waiting
    ( )


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